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The project

The Portal stems from an agreement among the General Head Office for Archives and a net of Italian Universities. The aim is to disseminate the results of a research project, which has been funded by MIUR within the PRIN 2008 program. This is focused on the architectural heritage of former Italian mental asylums and offers the resulting information to a wide public of scholars in a number of disciplinary fields, but also to public and private bodies, which are interested in their preservation and enhancement.

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The Portal

The Portal Places for madness gathers the results of the research project Mental Asylums in Italy from Nineteenth to Twentieth Century. Atlas of the architectural heritage in view of its knowledge and enhancement in the frame of the National Archival System (SAN), which has been funded by MIUR within the PRIN 2008 program and developed by scholars of the Second University of Naples (leading research unit), of the Polytechnics of Turin and Milan and of the Universities of Pisa, Camerino and Palermo.

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Operating units


Coordinatore del programma di ricerca:

prof. Cettina Lenza SUN


Responsabili delle unità di ricerca

prof. Cesare Ajroldi UNIPA
prof. Maria Antonietta Crippa POLIMI
prof. Laura Antonietta Guardamagna POLITO
prof. Cettina Lenza SUN
proff. Maria Luisa Neri e Gerardo Doti UNICAM

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Romano Bellucci, Progetto definitivo per aggiunte riduzioni e sistemazioni dell’Ospedale Manicomio di Fermo, pianta generale, scala 1:200, 1903.

Casa dell’Amministrazione, 1896-1905 (foto Domenico Canu, 2008)

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